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JellyCat Inc.

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JellyCat Inc. Randall Basset Hound
Randall Basset Hound
Meet the JellyCat Randall Basset Hound, an irresistibly charming softie with dro...
C$45.50 C$45.50
JellyCat Inc. Amuseables Boiled Egg Bride
Amuseables Boiled Egg Bride
Meet the JellyCat Amuseables Boiled Egg Bride, an adorable plush with cream and ...
C$32.50 C$32.50
JellyCat Inc. Amuseables Sun Bag Charm
Amuseables Sun Bag Charm
Add a ray of sunshine to your bag with JellyCat's Amuseables Sun Bag Charm! Cozy...
C$32.50 C$32.50
JellyCat Inc. Amuseables Sports Beach Volley
Amuseables Sports Beach Volley
Serve up smiles with JellyCat's Beach Volley! This cuddly plush features sunny f...
C$65.00 C$65.00
JellyCat Inc. Bashful Unicorn Little
Bashful Unicorn Little
Unicorn Magic: Embrace the whimsy with JellyCat's Bashful Unicorn Little, featur...
C$23.50 C$23.50
JellyCat Inc. Bartholomew Bear Bag
Bartholomew Bear Bag
Roar with style! The JellyCat Bartholomew Bear Bag blends maple-syrup fur with c...
C$49.50 C$49.50
JellyCat Inc. Bartholomew Bear Tiny
Bartholomew Bear Tiny
Meet JellyCat's Bartholomew Bear Tiny, a cuddly bedtime buddy with tawny-tousled...
C$24.00 C$24.00
JellyCat Inc. Smudge Rabbit Bag Charm
Smudge Rabbit Bag Charm
Add a hop of happiness to your bag with JellyCat's Smudge Rabbit Charm! This cud...
C$32.50 C$32.50
JellyCat Inc. Smudge Bear Bag Charm
Smudge Bear Bag Charm
Give your bag a bear-y charming upgrade with JellyCat’s Smudge Bear! This golden...
C$32.50 C$32.50
JellyCat Inc. Bashful Sorrel Bunny Little
Bashful Sorrel Bunny Little
Meet JellyCat’s Bashful Sorrel Bunny: as soft as a berry pudding with a silky bo...
C$23.50 C$23.50
JellyCat Inc. Little Horse
Little Horse
Discover JellyCat's Little Horse, a pocket-sized delight with curly nougat fur, ...
C$28.50 C$28.50
JellyCat Inc. Bartholomew Bear Backpack
Bartholomew Bear Backpack
Bartholomew Bear Backpack: A cute, adjustable, and comfy toffee bear bag with a ...
C$78.00 C$78.00
JellyCat Inc. Fergus Frog Little
Fergus Frog Little
Fergus Frog is a mossy sweetheart in soft velour. With a beany base and toes, ho...
C$39.00 C$39.00
JellyCat Inc. Slither Snake
Slither Snake
Slither Snake: Where cuddles coil and smiles slither! This playful serpent delig...
C$65.00 C$65.00
JellyCat Inc. Amuseables Pair of Marshmallows Bag Charm
Amuseables Pair of Marshmallows Bag Charm
Add whimsical flair to your bag with the Amuseables Pair of Marshmallows Bag Cha...
C$36.50 C$36.50
JellyCat Inc. Amuseables Toast Small
Amuseables Toast Small
Meet JellyCat Amuseables Toast Small, a squishy and silly breakfast delight! Thi...
C$26.00 C$26.00
JellyCat Inc. Amuseables Campfire
Amuseables Campfire
Meet Amuseables Campfire, the cozy blaze with huggable corduroy sticks and ombre...
C$41.50 C$41.50
JellyCat Inc. Amuseables Sports Ski Goggles
Amuseables Sports Ski Goggles
Amuseables Sports Ski Goggles: Embrace winter with style and warmth—cream suedet...
C$58.50 C$58.50
JellyCat Inc. Ooky Ghost
Ooky Ghost
Ooky Ghost is quite friendly, really! This buttercream spook has a cheery stitch...
C$19.50 C$19.50
JellyCat Inc. Ooky Spider
Ooky Spider
Discover JellyCat Inc.'s Ooky Spider, a charmingly quirky plush companion in dar...
C$26.00 C$26.00
JellyCat Inc. Skeleton Bob Bag Charm
Skeleton Bob Bag Charm
Skeleton Bob: Haunt your bag with style—deep charcoal fur, embroidered bones, an...
C$32.50 C$32.50
JellyCat Inc. Skelebat Jim
Skelebat Jim
Skelebat Jim: Get into goth mode with this soft, slate-furred Halloween bat feat...
C$36.50 C$36.50
JellyCat Inc. Skeledog Dan
Skeledog Dan
Skeledog Dan: Meet Bob's best friend, a spirited pup with cream suedette ribs, a...
C$36.50 C$36.50
JellyCat Inc. Mummy Bob
Mummy Bob
Discover Mummy Bob from JellyCat Inc., a charmingly eerie Halloween companion wi...
C$45.50 C$45.50
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JellyCat Inc.

Welcome to Ziya Blue, where we are delighted to introduce you to the charming and cuddly world of JellyCat Inc. As a brand dedicated to creating irresistibly soft and huggable plush toys, JellyCat offers a lovable collection that brings comfort and joy to both children and adults.

Explore the enchanting offerings from JellyCat Inc. through our carefully curated selection of products. From adorable stuffed animals and plush companions to playful books and more, JellyCat brings a touch of whimsy to your life. Each plush creation is thoughtfully designed with attention to detail, ensuring that every hug is filled with warmth and coziness.

At Ziya Blue, we celebrate the endearing and playful spirit that JellyCat Inc. brings to its plush companions, where each product reflects the brand's commitment to quality, safety, and the joy of companionship. Whether you're looking for a snuggly friend for a little one or a whimsical gift for someone special, our JellyCat collection offers a delightful array of options to bring comfort and smiles to all.

Step into the world of Ziya Blue and cuddle up with the adorable and lovable creations from JellyCat Inc. Our curated selection invites you to explore the enchanting and comforting products from JellyCat Inc., available right here at Ziya Blue.

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