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JellyCat Inc.

JellyCat Inc. Alice Axolotl

Alice Axolotl

Loveably luminous, Alice Axolotl is a whole lot of kooky in hot pink floof! This..
JellyCat Inc. Vividie Armadillo

Vividie Armadillo

Lazy, loafy Vividie Armadillo is always lounging about. This sunshine silly has ..
JellyCat Inc. Bimmie Jubjub

Bimmie Jubjub

It's lively lavender Jubjub Bimmie! This wide-eyed wanderer has suedey pink feel..
JellyCat Inc. Amusable Rainbow Really Big 30"

Amusable Rainbow Really Big 30"

Amuseable Rainbow loves everybody, and welcomes one and all for big, colourful h..
JellyCat Inc. Onyx Dragon Huge 27"

Onyx Dragon Huge 27"

Onyx Dragon is a liquorice lovely with a tubby tum of soft black fur. With spark..
JellyCat Inc. Figgy Caterpillar

Figgy Caterpillar

Dreamy, bobbly Figgy Caterpillar loves to loaf about. With beige, sage and ginge..
JellyCat Inc. Cordy Roy Fox Activity Toy

Cordy Roy Fox Activity Toy

Squeak, rattle and cuddle with the Cordy Roy Fox Activity Toy! This ginger, crea..
JellyCat Inc. Gamboldown Cow

Gamboldown Cow

Gamboldown Cow is crimped and cuddly, with a shock of silky butterscotch fur! Wi..
JellyCat Inc. Gibbles Monster

Gibbles Monster

measures 16.5" tall
suitable from ages 1 and up
hand wash
JellyCat Inc. Obbie Octopus Medium

Obbie Octopus Medium

Obbie Octopus is deep-sea divine with yummy plum fur and a cheeky expression! Th..
JellyCat Inc. Tommy Turtle

Tommy Turtle

Tommy Turtle is a kooky companion with splendid seaweed-green fur. This tumbly t..
JellyCat Inc. Odette Ostrich

Odette Ostrich

A rather splendiferous quirky bird Her silky feathers are wonderfully funky in g..
JellyCat Inc. Amuseable Pineapple small

Amuseable Pineapple small

For tons of texture and funky fun, grab Amuseable Pineapple! Muss up that scruff..
JellyCat Inc. Mellow Mallow Elephant Large

Mellow Mallow Elephant Large

Mellow Mallow Elly has a song in his heart!! Stretchy-soft in a gorgeous blue, t..
JellyCat Inc. Mellow Mallow Triceratops

Mellow Mallow Triceratops

Trotting along and making happy history, it's Mellow Mallow Triceratops! Stretch..
JellyCat Inc. Amuseable Bonsai Tree

Amuseable Bonsai Tree

It takes quite a lot of wisdom and patience to grow your own miniature tree, com..
JellyCat Inc. Amuseable Avocado

Amuseable Avocado

Get your five-a-day in an adorable way with Amuseable Avocado! Scrummily soft, o..
JellyCat Inc. Odyssey Octopus Medium

Odyssey Octopus Medium

Odyssey Octopus has the most wonderful curly tentacles to play with! A fantastic..
JellyCat Inc. Amuseable Sun

Amuseable Sun

Amuseable Sun is here to brighten up the room! But there's no need for shades or..
JellyCat Inc. Amuseable Snake Plant

Amuseable Snake Plant

A cheeky workmate with a cheery grin, Amuseable Snake Plant is the office pranks..
JellyCat Inc. Yonnie Jubjub

Yonnie Jubjub

A scruffly, boggle-eyed goofball in bumblebee yellow, with green suedey spines a..
JellyCat Inc. Gookie Jubjub

Gookie Jubjub

This mossy, tufty, chunky chum proudly sports a sturdy, squishy nose and soft bl..
JellyCat Inc. Riverside Rambler Fox

Riverside Rambler Fox

Jocular, ginger and ever so dapper, it must be Riverside Rambler Fox! This russe..

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