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Science Toys for Kids: Inspire Curiosity and Exploration

Explore hands-on learning with our curated collection of educational science toys for kids. Spark curiosity and creativity with interactive experiments and exploration kits.

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Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs: Chemistry Station
Ooze Labs: Chemistry Station
Spice up your day with Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs: Chemistry Station! Unleash you...
C$39.99 C$39.99 C$23.99 C$23.99
Streamline Mini Backpack Tool Playset
Mini Backpack Tool Playset
Unlock creativity with the Mini Backpack Tool Playset! Transforming from compact...
C$17.50 C$17.50 C$10.50 C$10.50
Streamline Whale Case Combo: Med Desk & Tool Bench
Whale Case Combo: Med Desk & Tool Bench
Get ready for fun-filled playtime with the Streamline Medical Desk & Tool Bench ...
C$32.99 C$32.99
Schylling View Master Reels - Marine Life
View Master Reels - Marine Life
Dive into the wonders of marine life with Schylling View Master Reels - Marine L...
C$14.99 C$14.99 C$8.99 C$8.99
Schylling Bug Spotter Kit
Bug Spotter Kit
Explore the outdoors with the Schylling Bug Spotter Kit! Safely observe bugs up ...
C$7.99 C$7.99 C$4.79 C$4.79
JitteryGit Robotryx 3-in-1 Zakarpain
Robotryx 3-in-1 Zakarpain
Keeping the peace and the baddies at bay! Set out for adventure with a perfect p...
C$22.99 C$22.99 C$13.79 C$13.79
JitteryGit Robotryx 3-in-1 Tangryp
Robotryx 3-in-1 Tangryp
With a claw like that, it's not a surprise why tangryp's the right hand man! Set...
C$22.99 C$22.99 C$13.79 C$13.79
JitteryGit Robotryx 3-in-1 SnabGlider
Robotryx 3-in-1 SnabGlider
The brave commander of the Robotryx Guardians. He uses his speed and strength to...
C$22.99 C$22.99 C$13.79 C$13.79
JitteryGit Robotryx 3-in-1 Cliffsling
Robotryx 3-in-1 Cliffsling
Big projects need bigger minds! Set out for an adventure with a perfect present ...
C$22.99 C$22.99 C$13.79 C$13.79
Playwell Mathlink Kindergarten Math Activity Set Dino Time!- Learning Resources
Mathlink Kindergarten Math Activity Set Dino Time!- Learning Resources
Build essential kindergarten math skills with Mathlink Kindergarten Math Activit...
C$25.99 C$25.99 C$15.59 C$15.59
Playwell Crystal Growing Science Kit
Crystal Growing Science Kit
Develop Your Child's Interest in Science 4M Crystal Kits are hands-on experiment...
C$8.99 C$8.99 C$5.39 C$5.39
Giant Microbes Mosquito Educational Plush
Mosquito Educational Plush
Explore the Giant Microbes Mosquito Plush, a quirky yet educational toy sized be...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Algae Educational Plush
Algae Educational Plush
Dive into the microscopic world with our algae plush! It's the perfect pet for t...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Bladder Educational Plush
Bladder Educational Plush
Explore biology in a fun and cuddly way with the Giant Microbes Bladder Educatio...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Maggot Educational Plush
Maggot Educational Plush
Get ready to squirm and learn with our Giant Microbes Maggot Plush! Gross out yo...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes White Lab Mouse Educational Plush
White Lab Mouse Educational Plush
Meet our White Lab Mouse Plush, measuring 5-8". Ready to assist in your experime...
C$19.99 C$19.99
Giant Microbes Stomach Educational Plush
Stomach Educational Plush
Explore the wonders of the digestive system with our Stomach Educational Plush! ...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Tooth (Molar) Educational Plush
Tooth (Molar) Educational Plush
Explore dental hygiene in a playful way with our Tooth Educational Plush. Soft a...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Trilobite (Asaphiscus Wheeleri) Educational Plush
Trilobite (Asaphiscus Wheeleri) Educational Plush
Discover the ancient world with the Giant Microbes Trilobite plush! Ideal for sc...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Eye Education Plush
Eye Education Plush
Take a LOOK and FOCUS! This fun gift represents your wonderful eye, a complex or...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Colon Educational Plush
Colon Educational Plush
Discover the GIANT microbes Colon plush toy, perfect for post-surgery recovery o...
C$14.99 C$14.99
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Science Toys for Kids: Inspire Curiosity and Exploration

Explore a world of wonder and discovery with our collection of science toys for kids. From budding scientists to curious minds, our selection offers endless opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration.

Engage in exciting experiments, build intricate models, and uncover the mysteries of the universe with our educational and entertaining toys. Whether it's exploring the depths of space, delving into the wonders of chemistry, or discovering the secrets of the natural world, there's something for every young scientist.

Encourage creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills as children immerse themselves in the fascinating world of science. Our toys are designed to make learning fun and interactive, sparking curiosity and inspiring a lifelong love of discovery.

With high-quality materials and engaging activities, our science toys provide hours of entertainment while nurturing a passion for learning. Ignite imagination and cultivate curiosity with our captivating collection of kid-friendly science toys.

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