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Giant Microbes

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Giant Microbes RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) 6" Plush
RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) 6" Plush
Discover the adorable side of respiratory science with our Giant Microbes RSV pl...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Tick (Ixodes Scapularis) Educational Plush
Tick (Ixodes Scapularis) Educational Plush
Uncover the world of Giant Microbes with the Tick (Ixodes Scapularis) plush! Thi...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Heart of Gold Educational Plush
Heart of Gold Educational Plush
Share love with Giant Microbes Heart of Gold! This adorable plush, shaped like a...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Dust Mite Educational Plush
Dust Mite Educational Plush
Discover the microscopic world with Giant Microbes Dust Mite plush! This cute an...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Knee Replacement Educational Plush
Knee Replacement Educational Plush
Discover the world of knee replacement surgery with the Giant Microbes Knee Repl...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Back Pain Educational Plush
Back Pain Educational Plush
Discover the fascinating world of spinal health with the Giant Microbes Back Pai...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Arthritis Educational Plush
Arthritis Educational Plush
Meet Giant Microbes' Arthritis - the joint venture you never saw coming! This mi...
C$19.99 C$19.99
Giant Microbes Nerve Cell (Neuron) Educational Plush
Nerve Cell (Neuron) Educational Plush
Giant Microbes Nerve Cell: Unleash the 'neurdiva' in you! This plush neuron is n...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Rotifer Educational Plush
Rotifer Educational Plush
Explore the fascinating world of microscopic life with the Giant Microbes Rotife...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Spleen Educational Plush
Spleen Educational Plush
Meet Giant Microbes - Spleen: Educational and hilariously huggable. The perfect ...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Uterus Educational Plush
Uterus Educational Plush
Unleash womb-derful vibes with our Giant Microbes - Uterus plush! It's the cutes...
C$19.99 C$19.99
Giant Microbes Bad Breath Educational Plush
Bad Breath Educational Plush
Educational meets entertaining with Giant Microbes - Bad Breath! This plush micr...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Animal Cell Educational Plush
Animal Cell Educational Plush
Explore the microscopic world with Giant Microbes - Animal Cell plush. A cuddly ...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Lyme Disease Educational Plush
Lyme Disease Educational Plush
Unleash a microscopic epidemic of cuteness with our Giant Microbes - Lyme Diseas...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Exotic Vacation Plush Gift Box
Exotic Vacation Plush Gift Box
Embark on an adventure with the Giant Microbes Exotic Vacation Gift Box! Discove...
C$39.99 C$39.99
Giant Microbes Plagues Plush From History Box
Plagues Plush From History Box
Unearth the past with Giant Microbes - Plagues From History Box. A unique collec...
C$39.99 C$39.99
Giant Microbes Deluxe Anxiety Educational Plush
Deluxe Anxiety Educational Plush
Unbox worry-free vibes with our Giant Microbes - Deluxe Anxiety plush! It's not ...
C$59.99 C$59.99
Giant Microbes Hemorrhoid Educational Plush
Hemorrhoid Educational Plush
Hemorrhoids are a pain in the rear for millions of adults.

A hemorrhoid is a ...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Autism Educational Plush
Autism Educational Plush
Raise awareness with GIANT Microbes - Autism plush, a cuddly representation with...
C$19.99 C$19.99
Giant Microbes Meningitis (Neisseria Meningitidis) Educational Plush
Meningitis (Neisseria Meningitidis) Educational Plush
Meningitis can be a real headache – and a pain in the neck too. Learn how to sta...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Mosquito Educational Plush
Mosquito Educational Plush
Explore the Giant Microbes Mosquito Plush, a quirky yet educational toy sized be...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Lung Educational Plush
Lung Educational Plush
Your two lungs are the main organs of the respiratory system filling most of you...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Algae Educational Plush
Algae Educational Plush
Dive into the microscopic world with our algae plush! It's the perfect pet for t...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Giant Microbes Bladder Educational Plush
Bladder Educational Plush
Explore biology in a fun and cuddly way with the Giant Microbes Bladder Educatio...
C$14.99 C$14.99
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Giant Microbes

Welcome to Ziya Blue's delightful collection of Giant Microbes, where science meets cuteness in the most unexpected way! Explore our brand category page dedicated to Giant Microbes and dive into a world where microscopic organisms transform into huggable companions. Discover a unique range of plush toys that make learning about biology and health an enjoyable experience.

Giant Microbes has pioneered the fusion of education and entertainment by turning microscopic creatures into adorable, soft, and cuddly plush toys. Each creation is meticulously crafted to resemble its real-life counterpart, providing a charming and engaging way to explore the unseen world around us.

Key Features of Giant Microbes Products:

1. Educational Play: Giant Microbes offer a playful approach to learning about microbes, viruses, and cells. Each plush toy comes with information about the microbe it represents.

2. High-Quality Materials: Crafted from soft, premium materials, Giant Microbes are not only informative but also irresistibly snuggly.

3. Varied Collection: Whether it's a common cold, brain cell, or a cute representation of the flu virus, Giant Microbes has an extensive collection of plush toys that cater to all interests.

4. Perfect Gifts: Ideal for science enthusiasts, students, or anyone with a quirky sense of humor, these plush microbes make for unique and memorable gifts.

Embrace the fascinating world of microbiology with Giant Microbes at Ziya Blue. Our brand category page brings you a carefully curated selection that combines science education with the joy of plush companionship. Whether you're a science lover, a teacher, or someone looking for a distinctive gift, Ziya Blue invites you to explore the whimsical and educational realm of Giant Microbes.

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