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Aurora Ziggy Egg Pink
Ziggy Egg Pink
Meet Ziggy Egg Pink™ - the vibrant and energetic life of any party! With her col...
C$10.50 C$10.50
Aurora Cactus Hedgie Plush Toy  7"
Cactus Hedgie Plush Toy 7"
7" Aurora Cactus Hedgie Plush: A cute addition to any collection, featuring a lo...
C$24.99 C$24.99
Aurora Cactus Sloth Plush Toy 10"
Cactus Sloth Plush Toy 10"
Meet the Cactus Sloth Plush Toy: 10 inches of adorable softness with a lovable e...
C$32.99 C$32.99
Aurora Cactus Sloth Plush Toy 7.5"
Cactus Sloth Plush Toy 7.5"
Meet the Aurora Cactus Sloth Plush Toy: 7.5 inches of softness with a lovable ex...
C$24.99 C$24.99
Aurora Indigo Dragon 12"
Indigo Dragon 12"
Introducing the Aurora Indigo Dragon from Sparkle Tales! This 12" plush dazzles ...
C$37.99 C$37.99
Aurora Larkspur Dragon 12"
Larkspur Dragon 12"
Meet the Aurora Larkspur Dragon from Sparkle Tales: a 12-inch plush with sparkli...
C$37.99 C$37.99
Aurora Rubellite Dragon Plush Toy
Rubellite Dragon Plush Toy
Meet Aurora's Rubellite Dragon: a 17-inch plush with vibrant colors and luxuriou...
C$44.99 C$44.99
Aurora Zion Dragon Plush Toy
Zion Dragon Plush Toy
Introducing Aurora's Zion Dragon Plush Toy: a 17-inch fantasy creature with blue...
C$44.99 C$44.99
Aurora Fungi Friends - Bunny 6" (Violet)
Fungi Friends - Bunny 6" (Violet)
Get ready for some 'shroom fun with our 6" Bunny plush in violet! Perfect for na...
C$16.09 C$16.09
Aurora Fungi Friends - Bunny 8" (Pink)
Fungi Friends - Bunny 8" (Pink)
Discover the enchanting world of Aurora's Fungi Friends with our 8" Bunny plush ...
C$26.99 C$26.99
Aurora Fungi Friends - Strawberry 9"
Fungi Friends - Strawberry 9"
Discover Strawberry, the sweet addition to the Fungi Friends collection! With it...
C$26.99 C$26.99
Aurora Fungi Friends - Pretty 9" (Salmon)
Fungi Friends - Pretty 9" (Salmon)
Meet Pretty Salmon, the serene addition to Aurora's Fungi Friends collection. Wi...
C$26.99 C$26.99
Aurora Fungi Friends - Pretty 9" (Purple)
Fungi Friends - Pretty 9" (Purple)
Meet Pretty Purple, the enchanting 9" plush mushroom from Aurora's Fungi Friends...
C$26.99 C$26.99
Aurora Fungi Friends - Sprout 9" (Green)
Fungi Friends - Sprout 9" (Green)
Meet Sprout, the lively 9" plush mushroom from Aurora's Fungi Friends collection...
C$26.99 C$26.99
Aurora Fungi Friends - Fairy 9"'
Fungi Friends - Fairy 9"'
Meet Pretty Purple, the enchanting 9" plush mushroom from Aurora's Fungi Friends...
C$26.99 C$26.99
Aurora Fungi Friends - Aspen 11" (Red)
Fungi Friends - Aspen 11" (Red)
Explore the whimsical world of Fungi Friends with Aspen - a charming red-capped ...
C$32.99 C$32.99
Aurora Zaggy Egg Plush
Zaggy Egg Plush
Meet Zaggy Egg, the adorable addition to your collection! This palm-sized plush ...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Aurora Ziggy Egg Plush
Ziggy Egg Plush
Meet Ziggy, the adorable Plush Easter Egg from Aurora's Palm Pals collection! Wi...
C$10.50 C$10.50
Aurora Benson Striped Chick Plush
Benson Striped Chick Plush
Meet Benson Striped Chick Plush, the ultimate party animal! With a cool dude att...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Aurora Mochi Sakura Flower Plush
Mochi Sakura Flower Plush
Meet Mochi Sakura Flower Plush, the whimsical charmer! With a soft touch and bea...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Aurora Gigi Succulent Plush
Gigi Succulent Plush
Meet Gigi Succulent Plush, the epitome of whimsical charm! With a soft touch and...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Aurora Darling Duck Plush
Darling Duck Plush
Meet Darling Duck Plush, the adorable addition to our Palm Pals collection! With...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Aurora Queeny Bee Plush
Queeny Bee Plush
Meet Aurora Queeny Bee Plush, the royal ruler of cuddly companions! Eco-friendly...
C$14.99 C$14.99
Aurora Cheerful Carrot Plush
Cheerful Carrot Plush
Meet Aurora Cheerful Carrot Plush, the award-winning cuddly companion! Made from...
C$14.99 C$14.99
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Established in 1981, Aurora World is a global leader in plush toys and high-quality gift products, and a respected leader in the character and content industry.

Aurora World offers an extensive range of branded and licensed products for children and adults. The company sells its product lines via a wide variety of retailers including major zoos, department stores, high-end toy stores and top gift chains, as well as hospital gift shops, fine florists, candy stores and gift/stationary stores worldwide.

Aurora is known in the industry for its incredibly high quality products, range of diverse offerings and competitive pricing. In addition, Aurora owns its manufacturing facilities and prides itself in their expansive distribution resources and in-house research and development teams.

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