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Reigning Supreme: Gifts Fit for the Queen of Everything

Find delightful gifts for her in our curated collection. From unique presents to thoughtful surprises, express your love with stylish and fun tokens. Shop now!

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Gift Republic Muff Mug
Muff Mug
Explore the evolution of muffs with the Gift Republic Muff Mug, a unique and int...
C$19.99 C$19.99
JellyCat Inc. Amuseables Coffee Bean
Amuseables Coffee Bean
Meet the Amuseable Coffee Bean, a small but mighty addition to your plush collec...
C$30.00 C$30.00
I Heart Guts Enjoy Your Clitoris Plushie
Enjoy Your Clitoris Plushie
Tickle your funny bone with our I Heart Guts Enjoy Your Clitoris Plushie! A hila...
C$26.99 C$26.99
JellyCat Inc. Amuseable Bouquet of Flowers Plush
Amuseable Bouquet of Flowers Plush
Blossom with joy as you cuddle JellyCat Inc.'s Amuseable Bouquet of Flowers. Thi...
C$58.50 C$58.50
JellyCat Inc. Little Pig
Little Pig
Introducing JellyCat Inc.'s Little Pig: 7" of pink fuzziness! With foldy ears, a...
C$28.50 C$28.50
JellyCat Inc. Hamish Hedgehog
Hamish Hedgehog
Meet JellyCat Inc.'s Hamish Hedgehog: an 8" caramel cutie with squish-squash sno...
C$97.00 C$97.00
JellyCat Inc. Fergus Frog
Fergus Frog
Meet Fergus Frog from JellyCat Inc., the mossy sweetheart in soft velour. Standi...
C$65.00 C$65.00
FUN CLUB Anxiety Pen Set
Anxiety Pen Set
Introducing the FUN CLUB Anxiety Pen Set! These black ink pens capture the humor...
C$16.99 C$16.99
JellyCat Inc. Amuseables Storm Cloud
Amuseables Storm Cloud
Meet JellyCat Inc.'s Amuseables Storm Cloud: a fluffy grump with tufty grey flee...
C$38.00 C$38.00
Explicit Essentials Humidititties Boob Sweat Powder
Humidititties Boob Sweat Powder
Fight chafing and stay comfortable with Humidititties Women's Chafing Powder fro...
C$24.99 C$24.99
JellyCat Inc. Dario Donkey
Dario Donkey
Meet JellyCat Inc.'s Dario Donkey: a 14" cuddle companion with grey suedette hoo...
C$78.00 C$78.00
NPW Mushroom Cocktail Glass
Mushroom Cocktail Glass
Get your groove on with the NPW Mushroom Cocktail Glass! Perfect for serving up ...
C$18.99 C$18.99
FUN CLUB Sarcasm Pen Set
Sarcasm Pen Set
Inject humor into your writing with the FUN CLUB Sarcasm Pen Set. A playful coll...
C$16.99 C$16.99
JellyCat Inc. Amuseable Monstera Plant Plush
Amuseable Monstera Plant Plush
Embrace tropical cuddles with JellyCat Inc.'s Amuseable Monstera Plant! This plu...
C$97.00 C$97.00
Comeco Inc. Celestial Kiss Lock Handbag
Celestial Kiss Lock Handbag
Unlock the stars with Comeco Inc.'s Celestial Kiss Lock Handbag – where cosmic c...
C$49.99 C$49.99
The Cloud Makers Original Dripping Rain Cloud
Original Dripping Rain Cloud
Transform your space with The Cloud Makers Original Dripping Rain Cloud. This wh...
C$34.99 C$34.99
JellyCat Inc. Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg Bag
Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg Bag
Elevate your style with JellyCat Inc.'s Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg Bag. This qui...
C$39.00 C$39.00
JellyCat Inc. Amuseable Espresso Cup
Amuseable Espresso Cup
Meet JellyCat Inc.'s Amuseable Espresso Cup: a mini but mighty companion with a ...
C$19.50 C$19.50
I Heart Guts Vulva+Vagina Zip Pouch Plush-Hooray for the Va-Jay-Jay
Vulva+Vagina Zip Pouch Plush-Hooray for the Va-Jay-Jay
Soft and snuggly, the I Heart Guts Vulva+Vagina Zip Pouch Plush is the perfect b...
C$29.99 C$29.99
JellyCat Inc. Amuseable Sports Table Tennis
Amuseable Sports Table Tennis
Meet JellyCat Inc.'s Amuseable Sports Table Tennis: a whimsical 11" paddle with ...
C$43.00 C$43.00
JellyCat Inc. Amuseables Coffee Cup
Amuseables Coffee Cup
Meet JellyCat Inc.'s Amuseables Coffee Cup: a charming 6" blend of rich textures...
C$36.50 C$36.50
JellyCat Inc. Richie Dromedary
Richie Dromedary
Meet Richie Dromedary, the sandy-hued cuddle buddy with a fabulous squishable hu...
C$78.00 C$78.00
JellyCat Inc. Caboodle Puppy
Caboodle Puppy
Meet JellyCat Inc.'s Caboodle Puppy: an adorable and compact plush with a cheeky...
C$26.00 C$26.00
The Luminary and Co. Neon Tarot Devotional Prayer The Star Candle
Neon Tarot Devotional Prayer The Star Candle
Elevate your spiritual space with The Luminary and Co. Neon Tarot Devotional Pra...
C$17.99 C$17.99
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Reigning Supreme: Gifts Fit for the Queen of Everything

Explore a world of delightful surprises with our carefully curated collection of gifts for her. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply expressing your love and appreciation, our unique and fun gifts are designed to make her smile. From stylish treasures to thoughtful tokens, each item in our collection is chosen with care. Discover the perfect gift for the special woman in your life and make every occasion memorable. Shop now for a delightful and expressive gesture that she'll cherish.

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