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This is a well adapting little plant that can survive in practically any lighting situation. From full sun to very low light the Sansevieria Fernwood will adjust accordingly.

However, it is recommended that you avoid placing it in direct sunlight. Given the choice, a Snake Plant’s ideal lighting would be bright, indirect sunlight.

Snake Plants are also capable of adjusting between the two light types, provided it is given time to adapt. It is also not fussy when it comes to what type of light it is exposed to and will survive in artificial light.

This makes it a sure winner when choosing decorative plants for restaurants, office spaces, and other areas with minimal exposure to natural light. 

Avoid placing your Snake Plant in direct sunlight. The leaves of your plant can become sunburnt and the coloring can turn yellowish and scar with sunburn spots. Leaves may also go crispy from exposure to too much direct sunlight.


Snake Plants are drought-tolerant and require minimal amounts of water. Watering will only need to be done once the soil is dry, usually once a week. When watering, be sure to pour water directly onto the soil and not the leaves. Pouring water directly onto the leaf clusters can cause rot if it sits there for too long.


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