Light Requirements

The Hawaiian pothos thrives in bright, indirect light. It generally enjoys medium to high light. But it is able to tolerate low light as well.

That said, its variegations are obvious when it receives more light.  The dimmer the lighting, the less prominent the variegations will be.

And, because of these lovely patterns in its leaves, it is not able to tolerate as low light as some of the pothos varieties with solid green leaves.

Most importantly, the two places you want to avoid are complete darkness and direct light.

The former will make it difficult for the plant to grow, resulting in stunted growth.

Direct light on the other hand will scorch its leaves.

As such, it is important to keep the plant away from the sun’s rays or areas where it is exposed to long hours of intense sun.


Humidity is a similar story for the Hawaiian pothos. It prefers humid environments. This stems from its origins in the tropical forests of the South Pacific where the weather is warm and humid.

As such, it favors humidity between 50% and 70%.

Thus, its favorite natural spots in homes are bathrooms and kitchens which are the most humid rooms because we tend to use water quite a bit in both areas.

Luckily, it is also able to tolerate average room humidity without any harm. This means as long as you keep it between 40% and 50% it will be happy.

Depending on where you live, it can likewise withstand the upper 30s. But, not always.

So, if you live in a fairly dry climate, you always want to watch out for browning leaves or dry tips. Its leaves will change into this color or texture if the conditions are too dry for its liking.

Alternatively, you can get a digital hygrometer. This inexpensive device will instantly let you know what the humidity is in any room of your home.

This way, you know beforehand where the environment is suitable or not. And, if you need to take any measures to increase air moisture there.

How Often to Water Hawaiian Pothos

Hawaiian pothos need watering about once every 5 to 7 days. However, I prefer to go by touch because there are too many factors that affect how quickly the soil dries up.

The good news is, the plant can tolerate a bit of neglect. So, it won’t fuss if you occasionally miss watering it. But, I suggest not making a habit out of it.

When it comes to lack of water you want to watch out for a droopy, sad looking plant. Its leaves will look dull and less vibrant not just in color but in their overall look.

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