Foliage and Size

Peperomia Hope has round, flat leaves that grow along a trailing stem. They typically grow about a foot to a foot and a half long, but can grow even longer in optimal conditions.

While Peperomia Hope stays relatively small, that shouldn’t stop you from owning one of these beauties!

Is Peperomia Hope a Succulent?

No, but it has succulent-like leaves that store water. Therefore, it can be treated similarly to a succulent. Most peperomias are actually epiphytes meaning they grow on the surface of another plant, like a tree, and not out of the ground.

How Much Sunlight Does Peperomia Hope Need?

Bright, indirect light is best for Peperomia Hope. It will be OK in medium light levels but it is by no means a low-light plant. In fact, bright light can help prevent legginess of the stems. (Leggy means long, stretched-out stems with fewer leaves.)

Just be sure to keep the light indirect, as too much direct light can hurt your plant.

How Often Should I Water Peperomia Hope?

You should let the potting mix dry out before watering this plant. Their succulent-like leaves store water, therefore they do not need water often.

Exactly how often differs for everyone. It can be one to two weeks, or even longer depending on light level and climate.

For this reason, it’s important to get in the habit of sticking your finger down into the potting mix to determine moisture level first.

You can also check if your Peperomia Hope needs to be watered by squeezing a mature leaf (the leaves closer to the base of the plant). If it is nice and firm the plant does not need water.

Keep in mind it is easier to overwater plants that like to remain on the dry side. Overwatering will cause yellow leaves, and even worse, root rot!


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